Sabaya Taxi

Safe Trip

The first application to transport women, families and the whole family, led by female drivers. Book a safe ride now or join the elite of skilled drivers and help others move them where they need to go.

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Sabaya Led By Women Is The First Of Its Kind

  • Sabaya – safe and respects privacy.
  • Sabaya – to transport all the family members, including women, students, teachers, employees, and even children.
  • Distinguished crew of accomplished drivers.
  • Sabaya provides you with a suitable income without attaching to specific work times.
  • Sabaya gives the driver the freedom to accept or reject the request.
  • Our motto in Sabaya is safe trip.

Want to work with us?

Be a captain of Sabaya and don't stick to work hours

  • Help others move them where they need to go.
  • Turn your spare time into earnings with the new Captain app – carefully designed to provide you with all the information about your business, at your fingertips and to give you full control over your income.
  • Double your income and don't stick to work hours. Be the manager of yourself, choose the place you want and the time that suits you.
  • Be a captain of Sabayaand join the elite of skilled drivers.

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Here Are Answers To Some Common Questions

Sabaya Led By Women Is The First Of Its KindDo you have a question about the Sabayaapp or the Captain Sabayaapp? Here are some answers to the most common questions.

  • What are the conditions for joining captain Sabaya?
    1. The validity of the driver's license. 2. Owning or authorizing a vehicle to drive. 3. The captain must be no less than 18 years old and no more than 60 years old. 4. Enjoy a good biography and behavior. 5. Owning a smart phone that works with Android or iPhone for the purpose of receiving reservations through the application. 6. The vehicle must not be more than five years old. 7. The car must have compulsory insurance.

  • Can I request a ride for someone else?
    Yes, you can request rides for your friends or any of your family members through your Sabayaaccount, or by call to the number assigned for this. The request will be added under your account. The order is made in your name, and the accounting is done with the system you have previously chosen. Choose "cash" as the method of payment if you want the guest to pay the trip in cash.

  • How is the expected arrival time calculated?
    The expected time of arrival is only an approximate time and not a guarantee, as there are many external factors that may affect the duration of the journey such as traffic congestion, road diversions, road repairs, construction, and weather.

  • What is special about working with Nawaim?
    Control your work times. You are the manager of yourself. Double your income and earn more money. Sabayagives you the opportunity to work as much as you want and when you want. Not only that, she gives the captain the highest wages in the job market.

  • How can I join the Sabayacaptains?
    You can join us easily by downloading the SabayaCaptain app and then completing the registration process and agreeing to the conditions upon completion, then wait for the administration's approval. Then you can start your journeys immediately and earn money!

  • What are the best devices to use the SabayaCaptain app?
    You can use all kinds of mobile devices to use the SabayaCaptain app.

  • What is the type of car?
    Easy! This is concerned with informing you about the type of cars available for you to go your trip. All you have to do is simply choose the type of car that suits your preferences (or budget) as cars differ in prices, sizes, and comfort level. Also, some types of cars are permanently available, while some are available for a limited period (as a promotional offer), and others are only available for trips that are scheduled for a later time. To change the type of vehicle you wish to use, you must click the choose the type of vehicle button located at the bottom of the request screen. We would like to inform you that changing the type of car will affect the value of the trip fare.

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