Terms of Service

Sabaya policy during the trip

We are concerned with our captains, clients, and colleagues alike. Everyone, of course, appreciates the work of the captains and their dedication. They are the partners we trust to deliver us from one place to another, or to deliver our children, women, and families, or even to deliver our things, in hundreds of cities. Please pay attention to the following points to keep together this level of service and confidence.

Be nice to the captain

Greet her, smile and act with respect at all times.

Remember that loud music and loud sounds distract the captain.

Keep the car clean

Do not smoke or cause any harm to the car, or any stains from the spillage of any liquid or food, as this may affect the captain and other clients, and at the level of service.

Pay the cost of your ride immediately

To pay with the card: make sure to add a valid credit card to your account.

To pay cash: If you would like to pay cash, try to keep a sufficient amount with you, or ask the captain to stop and withdraw the amount from the ATM.

Late payment or non-payment may unfortunately cause your account to be banned in Sabaya.

Use GPS to determine the starting or arrival points

Always use a GPS system and help the captain guide her orally if the address is complex.

Let the captain know if you prefer a certain route.

Be ready when the captain arrives and try not to cancel the rides without reason

Sometimes it is difficult to find suitable situations, so try to be ready at the starting point.

The captain has the right to cancel the ride after 10 minutes of waiting, be prepared so that you do not incur any cancellation fees.

Thank the captain for her distinguished service

Remember to take all of your things when you get out of the car. Don't worry if you forget something, our daughter is trustworthy, and they will deliver your items to the offices of Nawaem or even to you.

Thank the captain and give him a 5-star rating if you enjoyed your trip.

Be fair in your evaluation of the captain, as the low rating affects the captain's rewards and income.

Safety is your priority, and do not perform any activity that is against the law

No alcohol or drugs.

Do not ask the captain to break the law. Do not ask, for example, to exceed the speed limit, or to stop where parking is prohibited.

Always wear seat belts and remember that the car accommodates a limited number of passengers, depending on the number of seat belts available on board.

Any acts that violate the law may lead to legal prosecution.